• 2024-04-11
    Congratulations to Metsä Group and CollectiveCrunch & NCPC Hebei Huamin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd on being the Winner of Innovation of Innovations 2023!   Congratulations to all our winners - a full list is below:   Innovation of Innovations: Metsä Group and CollectiveCrunch / Finland AI application for identifying and helping to prevent insect damage in forests The first operative, remote sensing-based, accurate, scalable and cost-effective damage monitoring system and application model developed in response to rapidly increasing insect damage.   NCPC Hebei Huamin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. / China Research and Application on a Forefront New-Type Crystallization Technology for Cefotaxime Sodium The team has developed “Coordination Dissolution Technology", "Ultra-low Temperature Spherical Aggregation Crystallization Technolog...
  • 2024-02-05
    We are thrilled to announce the upcoming International Quality Innovation Awards Ceremony, celebrating the exceptional achievements of last year's competitors. Hosted by China Association for Quality, this event shines a spotlight on groundbreaking innovations and quality improvements across various industries worldwide. Event Overview:The ceremony is scheduled for April 10-12th, at Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China, where we will honor the creativity, ingenuity, and hard work of our winners. This year’s event promises an inspiring showcase of solutions and practices that are setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation. Why Attend? Award Presentations: Witness the presentation of awards to outstanding innovators who have made significant contributions in their fields. Keynote Speech & Innovation Presentations: Gain insights from leading exper...

What is the Quality Innovation Award? 

The Quality Innovation Award is an annual, international competition that enables innovators to

- get professional assessment for their innovation 
- benchmark their innovation against others 
- increase the visibility of their innovation

The Quality Innovation Award is unaffected by national, regional, or political factors, ensuring a fair and impartial evaluation process. All together this helps to increase the competitiveness of each participating country.

Why should I participate in this  competition? 

This competition enables you to:

- benchmark your innovation at the national and international level 
- receive professional feedback from an independent body

Benefits of participating in this competition include:

- raising public awareness of your innovation 
- help opening new markets
- motivate to increase the innovativeness in your organisation -national and international recognition

What is a Quality Innovation? 

A quality innovation is an innovation that 

- has novelty value and is timely 
- is practical and can be utilized 
- has been developed in a systematic way 
- corresponds to stakeholder's current and future needs 
- has improved technical, social or commercial performance

Number of annual Award participants and participating countries 

Previous Winners