Application period

The competition is said to be open during the application period. It is the time when the participants are able to apply to the competition. The exact method and fees vary by country, but the same application form is used in all countries. More information can be found on the web pages of the national partner organizations.


The assessment beings after the application period is over. All applications are carefully evaluated by our experienced assessors. The innovations are evaluated based on our innovation assessment framework and graded on five areas: novelty value, usability, learning, customer orientation and effectiviness. Please see the assessment framework for more details.

National juries

National juries decide the national best innovations in each series based on the assessment and expert opinions. The winners of each national competition go to the last stage of the competition, the international jury.

International jury

Finally, the winners of the entire competition are chosen. All national winners in each category participate in this final evaluation that is done via an impartial vote by the participating national partner organizations.