The International Quality Innovation Award Winners 2022 - A full list of all the winners

发布于: 2023-02-24 00:00

Congratulations to Ecomation Oy on being the Winner of Innovation of Innovations 2022!


Congratulations to all our winners - a full list is below:


Innovation of Innovations:

Ecomation Oy / Finland

New dry distillation technology

New dry distillation technology is a new dry distillation method. With this it is possible to produce useful raw materials and renewable energy for instance from biomaterials or from waste plastics or organic waste.


Potential innovations

Award Winner: Spika Tech / Spain

VR-CARDIO. System for early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of arrhythmias and prevention of heart disease.

By means of a data acquisition system (vest), we’re able to represent the activation map of the heart together with the action potential map of the intracavity cavity in a holographic three-dimensional stereoscopic visualization in 360º  Augmented and Virtual Reality RA_RV.

Prize Winner: Metsä Spring Oy / Finland

3D Fibre product and demo plant

The joint demo plant of Metsä Spring and Valmet is developing 3D fibre products to replace rigid plastic packages. This concept enables us to produce customised products for diverse applications.

Prize Winner: TATA STEEL LIMITED / India

Healthy steel

We incorporated antimicrobial functionality in steel that can sustain throughout the product life and reduce secondary transmission of virus/bacterial.


Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations

Award Winner: Ecomation Oy / Finland

New dry distillation technology

New dry distillation technology is a new dry distillation method. With this it is possible to produce useful raw materials and renewable energy for instance from biomaterials or from waste plastics or organic waste.

Prize Winner: Gree Electric Appliances (Hefei) Co., Ltd. / China

Green Manufacturing Quality Innovation Project for Heat Exchangers Based on Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals

To address environmental issues and promote the upgrading of the air conditioning industry for energy conservation and emission reduction, Gree Electric Appliances has researched the vacuum infrared drying technology, the corrosion protection process for copper tubes of exchangers, the purification of introduced helium and other heat exchanger-related green manufacturing technologies. From energy conservation and consumption reduction to "zero carbon", Gree Electric Appliances has been constantly making improvements and innovations to help achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

Prize Winner: THERMOWASTE / Spain


Thermowaste's patented Limpulation process transforms municipal solid waste into clean materials and returns them to society in the form of raw materials, enabling the transition to a circular economy.


Health care sector innovations

Award Winner: Dermacut AB / Sweden

Mobile Application SeeWound

AI-based mobile phone application for automatic monitoring of wound-healing for hard-to-heal wounds.

Prize Winner: Sascan Meditech Pvt Ltd. / India


OralScan is a hand-held multispectral imaging camera for oral cancer screening and biopsy guidance

Prize Winner: Cyber Surgery, SL / Spain

Robotic assistant for minimally invasive spine operations for spinal fusion

Development of a surgical assistant for spinal surgery. The robotic assistant guides the surgeon to perform the surgery in a minimally invasive way (MIS) and with more safety for the patient.


Education sector innovations

Award Winner: Beez Tech Digital Ltd. / Israel

iBrainy - an E-Learning platform and community for older adults

iBrainy is an e-learning platform (Web & Mobile App) and community that empowers older adults to learn & connect. Using AI, accessible quizzes, gamification, courses, interactive lectures, guided discussion, and more. The goal is to create an e-learning platform to help older adults learn and increase their self-esteem, which also reduces their sense of loneliness through community and activities based on their learning interests.

Prize Winner: Library of the University of Zaragoza / Spain

Innovative services in university libraries: Seed Library of the University of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza has a Seed Library since 2017. Physically located in the library of the Polytechnic School (EPS), it consists of a collection of more than 222 varieties of seeds of 38 horticultural species of Aragon, from the Horticultural Germplasm Bank of Aragon.

Prize Winner: Somorrostro, Nazaret, Zabalburu – Formación Profesional / Spain

BucovIA: Artificial intelligence tool to detect signs of bullying in the classroom

Analysis of scientific tests for the detection of bullying, selection of questions and elaboration of the BucovIA test (own definition). Use of Artificial Intelligence as key technology to detect bullying cases. Development of the algorithms for identifying the roles of Harasser, Victim and Observer.


Public sector innovations

Award Winner: China Mobile Group Zhejiang Co., Ltd.Wenzhou Branch / China

AI City Patrol - The City Bus Sensing Technology and System Application Based on 5G+Cloud Network

AI City Patrol presents a digital urban management system, using bus-borne sensing equipment and micro base stations to collect information, transmitting it back through 5G network, and conducting analysis with AI technology.

Prize Winner: Královéhradecký kraj / Czech Republic

Regional Open Data Catalogue and Data Portal of the Hradec Králové Region Data KHK

The open data of the higher territorial self-government unit are shown by map outputs. The automated connection of the local catalogue to the national open data catalogue is a new, innovative solution.

Prize Winner: Navantia SA SME / Spain

Smart Factory Project - Navantia Engines 

Transformation of a traditional engine factory into a smart factory through a series of initiatives with an impact on processes, organization and people, performance management, and the digital system.


Business innovations (micro & startup companies)

Award Winner: Spouted Bed Solutions / Spain

HECO (High Efficiency Contact) Technology

HECO is a patented technology that allows the thermal treatment of all types of waste, maximizing the desired products with a lower cost of energy resources, allowing advanced thermal treatments to be carried out.

Prize Winner: MOSO3D / Spain

Smart 3D printer with interchangeable heads

3D printer which has predictive maintenance and automatic error checking through Artificial Intelligence. It has 4 independent interchangeable heads, automatic center point system and auto calibration.

Prize Winner: Funki instruments AB / Sweden


Funki is a set of musical instruments made for people with intellectual disabilities, that are made for playing together.


Business innovations (small and medium sized enterprises)

Award Winner: Kyocera-Tikitin Oy / Finland

MEMS resonator

Almost all electronic devices utilize quartz  for obtaining a time/frequency reference. Quartz components can’t be made any smaller.  In our innovation MEMS resonators  replace the  quartz technology.

Prize Winner: Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence / Spain

Next-generation bioprospecting: accessing the hidden applications of microorganisms

DARWIN searches for microorganisms with industrial applications using an innovative bioprospecting process, from sampling to characterization, to production and implementation of the solution.

Prize Winner: Losonczi Innovation Ltd. / Hungary

AXIS PRO – A new category of measuring machines

AXIS PRO is a computer-controlled and evaluated measuring machine designed for in-production measurement of axial parts, which can check up to 30 different dimensions in less than 20 seconds.


Business innovations (large companies)

Award Winner: State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co. Ltd. / China

Innovative Practice of "Instant Access to Power Grid" Service Based on the Concept of Value Co-Creation

Through this quality innovation, an efficient "Instant Access to Power Grid (IAPG)" service system has been established, and comprehensive innovation has been made in business philosophy, service mode, management system, service process, construction standard, digitalization and information technology. We have formed an efficient value co-creation system composed of power supply companies, customers and the government, creating greater value for the sustainable development of local economy and society.

Prize Winner: Tata Steel Limited (Sinter plant) / India

Online Quality Monitoring & Control at Sinter Plant - First Time Ever

Sinter Quality Testing takes 8 hours - difficult for dynamic process control. We designed and developed a device to monitor quality in real-time (First of its kind) and we have applied for patent.

Prize Winner: První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s. / Czech Republic

Innovation of precision casting technologies for new types of castings of spinning heads from nickel and cobalt-based superalloys

New technologies for precision casting of spinning heads of nickel and cobalt-based superalloys were developed, tried in operation, and introduced into serial production